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// fiction
Man Cave Rules (2018)
Donald Trump's Art: A Retrospective (2017)
Wedding Registries Through the Ages (2017)
A Guide to the Ghosts of North America (2016)
Why I Quit My Job to Travel the World (2016)
1-855-LADYFUN (2016)
Trash Airlines (2016)
Goodbye, New York (2015)
Application to Rent (2015)
I Love a Good Cigar (2015)
Blue Armoire for Sale, Not Infested With Scorpions (2014)
Scenes From Air Bud: Glory Days (2014)
Top Tweets From the CIA (2014)
Emergency Texts (2014)
Previously Unpublished Mark Twain Quotes (2013)
Lament of a Lonely Zamboni Driver (2011)

// nonfiction
Into the Wild on an E-Scooter (2019)
Your Pretty Face is Going to Sell (2018)
Searching for Mark Zuckerberg's Trash (2018)
LinkedIn GameFAQ (2018)
Exploring The Digital Ruins of 'Second Life' (2018)
The Strange History of the First Viral Video (2018)
The Mr. Fix-Its Who Save Broken Sex Dolls (2018)
My Quest to Find Air Bud's Grave (2018)
Pretty Good Private Letters (2017)
Fullest House (2016)
The Secret Ska Emoji (2016)
Trump Missed Connections (2016)
Surfing the Lonely Web (2016)
Live Long and Die Out (2015)
The Instagram of Shit and Garbage (2015)
PublikFacebook™ (2015)
How to Swiftly Torpedo a Racist Crowdfunding Campaign (2015)
Misconnected: A Personal History of Voicemail (2014)
The Weirdo Glitch Poetry of Apple's QuickType (2014)
I Just Ate Fruit for the First Time (2014)
Street View Glitches on the Fringes of Everything (2013)
50 Shades of “Argh” (2012)

// internet garbage
The Findings May Surprise You (2016)
Watch Paint Dry on Facebook Live (2016)
Horsechat (2015)
Brandacted (2015)
Someone With the Wrong Number Drew Me a Bunch of Animals (2014)
The Angry Chair (2014)
Joining Tinder as a Dog (2014)
A Supercut of Guy Fieri Eating Everything (2010)

// huh, what
joe (31/m/ca) is a writer and artist
previously he was the culture editor at newsweek,
and he has written for the new yorker, wired, playboy,
vice, gawker, the awl, etc.

here is a photo of him with a hook for a hand.
here is another photo of him, sans hook.

manager: harry lengsfield @ lbi
book agent: soumeya b. roberts @ hsg

// press
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