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1-855-LADYFUN is a satirical corporate phone tree game. call in, and try to reach a real person!

total runtime: ~46 minutes

MovieZone Roy: Brendan McLaughlin
MovieZone Support: John Elliott
Harrison Ford: Brendan McLaughlin
DataCore Menu: Madeleine Davies
Chumsanto Menu: Madeleine Davies
Chumsanto Guy 1: Alex Watt
Chumsanto Guy 2: Alex Schmidt
Chumsanto Spokesperson: Joe Veix
DataCast Menu: Madeleine Davies
DataCast Hold Ads: Liat Berdugo
DataCast CEO: Alex Schmidt
DataCast Samantha: Jenny Odell
Sauvino Menu: Madeleine Davies
Suavino CEO: John Howell Harris
Suavino Disclaimer: Joe Veix
Titan Industries Menu: Joe Veix
Spanish Menu: Erina Perez
Hawk Menu: Angry Hawk
Employee of the Month Menu: Madeleine Davies
Bleach Contest Ad: Joe Veix
Victory Message: Pat Fleet
Sex Hotline Menu: Jenny Odell
Operation Ladyfun Menu: Alex Schmidt
Area 51 Dave: Alex Watt
Area 51 Karen: Erina Perez
Area 51 Cody: Joe Veix
Area 51 Sandy: Jenny Odell

this project was made possible with the help of a grant from the Awesome Foundation

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